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Do you have a passion for building your own aircraft? Do you need materials to repair your cowling, wheel pants, or wingtips? Viper Aviation™ has that passion as well! We are proud and qualified to provide you with everything you need in the composite or adhesive arena to build and/or repair your aircraft. Our in-stock materials, cloths, and adhesives have all been vetted by our team of experts to ensure you get only the best materials to do the job right the first time; from our personally selected Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Aramid cloths, to our Loctite adhesives, ZAP© Super Glues, to our Viper Aviation™ Super-Poxy™ epoxy system.

Cloth materials can be ordered by the foot for that custom repair - no need to buy more than required. Our ZAP© line of superglues are professional grade and used the world over by only the most discriminating home builders. Our Viper Aviation Super-Poxy is repackaged MGS© 335 resin with either slow or fast hardener. Why have we repackaged it? Because buying it a gallon at a time can be wasteful - if not expensive. We want your epoxy to be fresh and ready to take on the task you require.

Take a look at our store to find only the best products you will need to repair or construct your Experimental aircraft.

Available Builds

Complete Building - RANS S-20

Complete Building - RANS S-21

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John Redman is the founder of Viper Aviation. He has been an avid, passionate airplane enthusiast for his entire life. At 5 years old, John built his first model airplane under his father’s guidance. Since that time John has been sponsored by many companies through the years and competed both nationally and internationally. This life-long love of aviation has motivated the creation of Viper Aviation and a desire to build only the best product for our customers.

In addition to his model experience, John had a successful career in the United States Air Force as a Dedicated Crew Chief on both F-16 and F-117 fighter aircraft. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is known as the Viper to those who have an intimate relationship with it. After 20 years with the Viper and Stealth; John’s passion for maintaining and building airplanes did not die.

Now the Viper Aviation dream where his “Performance Builds Passion” he is sharing his years of experience with people like you. He wants you to enjoy this love of aviation that has driven him for his entire life. He wants you to enjoy the thrill of working on and building your own aircraft with a team of highly skilled experts.

John and his team are genuinely qualified to construct your RANS S-20 or S-21. John’s extensive knowledge in the model industry as well as the full-scale industry have helped him to build a store of composite materials and adhesives for you to create and maintain your project. Look at the comprehensive list of products that live in the Viper Engineering store. From Carbon Fiber to Fiberglass Cloth to Loctite structural adhesives to the ZAP adhesive line up – all have been vetted for your success and safety, performance and reliability. Contact the team at Viper Engineering  today to receive the help you need to create, maintain, or build your very own light sport aircraft.




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