Getting started with experimental aircraft isn't a challenge when you are working with skilled airplane builders at Viper Aviation™. The RANS© S-21, also known as the Outbound, is an impressive aircraft that you are sure to love taking up into the air. Our well-experienced team helps you get there by ensuring your build is a complete success that you will be proud to climb in and fly any time you wish.

Our program consists of a highly qualified team of aircraft builders assembling your aircraft. Here is the great part: you will be a part of that team. How do we do that? You will be flown into our facility from anywhere in the 48 Continental United States for a week each time to help assemble your aircraft so you have the absolute intimate knowledge of what it takes to not only build but maintain your aircraft down the road. You will be housed at a Hilton property and have a rental car during your time in the Greater Houston area. Three complete weeks is included with all flight, hotel, and rental car cost in the build price of your aircraft. You will be required to pay for your meals. Viper Aviation™ wants your experience to be the best it can be in your investment with us to build your S-21.

When you work with us, we will take your aircraft ideas and begin inventorying everything that will be needed for your build. We then build the S-21 according to the instructions. Our team has weekly meetings, where they will set the goals for the upcoming weeks so that each monumental benchmark can be made on time.

As milestones are met, you will be updated weekly with the ongoing progress of your aircraft. This helps build a strong relationship between you and the team at Viper Aviation™ as we work towards a common goal — flight! We strive for performance and achieve all goals with passion, high-quality workmanship, and skillful time management. Reach out to us today to build your Experimental Aircarft project. Most builds usually take 5 - 6 months.

Each Viper Aviation Built S-21 includes at no additional cost the following items to deliver the highest quality aircraft we can bring to makret.

* Vertical Power VP-X Sport Electronic Circuit Breaker System
* Vertical Power PPS (Primary Power System)
* Grand Rapids Technology Instrumentation
* Air Gizmos Ipad Mount
* Ipad Mini (64GB)
* Aveo Rock Rack Switches
* Aveo Aluminum Eyeball Vents
* ADS-B Out
* RAMI Com Antennas
* Full Alodine wash of all aluminum parts before primer and assembly
* Full interior priming of all aluminum parts with a 2 part epoxy primer for corrosion protection
* Powder Coating of Engine Mount and other airframe parts
* Fully Carppeted Interior for a quieter interior in flight
* Viper Aviation Embroidered Head Rest
* Aveo Flash Ultra Nav/Strobe lights
* ARTEX ELT 345 Emergency Locator Transponder
* Viper Aviation Custom Built Wire Harnesses
* Viper Aviation Basic Paint Scheme in the colors of your choice
* Airtech Metal Primer for all aluminum parts
* PPG base coat/clear coat for final finish
* Viper Aviation Basic VFR Instrument Panel w/o Auto Pilot (upgraded panels available for extra cost)
(Any of the above items may be ubstituded out by Viper Aviation with a comparable product at any time)


S-21 Build Process

Customer meeting to discuss and understand project

Determine Paint Scheme, Engine Choice, Instrument Panel

Sign contract

Order kit and components. Adjust ordering for all components and engine to arrive within 30 days of kit arrival


Unpack kit and inventory all components

 Separate all aluminum parts for washing, Alodine coating (internal and external components), and priming for internal parts, and powder coating of specific parts

Begin construction of Instrument panel

Begin construction and assembly of aircraft per specs

Send aircraft to paint


Install panel

Install interior and carpet

Install engine

Fit Cowling

Send cowling and spinner to paint

Final assembly

Call for DAR


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